Caja Sullana

Catégorie d'actifsDette privée
Stratégie d'impactInclusion financière
Nombre d'emprunteurs220,324
Nombre d'épargnants684,688
Emprunteurs féminins49%
Aligné aux ODD (Objectifs de développement durable)
  • Pas de pauvreté

Description disponible uniquement en anglais.

Caja Sullana was founded by the Sullana Municipality in North Peru with the aim to provide financial support and protection for micro-entrepreneurs, families, small-scale farmers and children by means of credit products, savings and insurance services.
Caja Sullana’ focus on technological innovation is a main driver to increase its outreach. With this strategic focus, the institution was among the first to provide mobile banking services via their own app as well as their own debit cards.