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Rockdove Rising Housing Co-op
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Rockdove Rising Housing Co-op

Logements sociaux (Social)

Rockdove Rising Housing Co-op is based on ‘the Redbricks’ estate in Hulme, Manchester – an area well known for its strong community spirit. Co-op members live in several flats, which are collectively managed through principles of consensus decision making and collective responsibility. Rockdove Rising is an active member of a wider network of co-ops, Radical Routes, and contribute to promoting their shared co-operative principles nationally. The group are committed to the principles of cooperative living and aim to work towards beneficial social change. They participate in a range of activities within the community, and are also involved in campaigning - on issues from food awareness to affordable housing provision.

Logements sociaux

La Banque Triodos finance des organisations et des entreprises qui proposent un logement ou un hébergement aux personnes qui en ont le plus besoin, par exemple des centres d’accueil pour sans-abri ou des logements adaptés aux personnes présentant un handicap physique ou mental. Nous finançons également des projets d’habitats collectifs présentant une plus-value sociale.

Adresse :
39 Rockdove Avenue
M15 5EH