Catégorie d'actifsDette privée
Stratégie d'impactAlimentation et agriculture durables
SecteurAgriculture bio
Hectares de terres agricoles biologiques27
Aligné aux ODD (Objectifs de développement durable)

Description disponible uniquement en anglais.

Alpeko is an organic pig farm in the Netherlands where all animals can enjoy spacious straw pens and unlimited access to outdoor areas or grazing, from birth to slaughter. The company composes all the organic feed itself and produces it with its own raw materials and residual products from the human industry. Alpeko optimizes animal welfare so that it does justice to the pig and its environment. The company is also working on climate-neutral business operations. Over the years, Alpeko grew steadily to the current size of approximately 400 sows and 2000 fattening pigs, which is large by biological standards.