Banco Pichincha

Catégorie d'actifsDette privée
Stratégie d'impactInclusion financière
Nombre d'emprunteurs1,146,213
Nombre d'épargnants3,518,917
Emprunteurs féminins46%
Emprunteurs ruraux24%
Aligné aux ODD (Objectifs de développement durable)

Description disponible uniquement en anglais.

Banco Pichincha is Ecuador's biggest bank, with a nationwide network of branches. Although Banco Pichincha is a universal bank, and market leader in all segments, it is an inclusive bank given its primer role in financial inclusion in Ecuador. Pichincha is a pioneer and front-runner in microfinance, having the biggest microfinance portfolio in the market and with a focus on alternative distribution channels. The ‘Mi Vecino' (my neighbour) project, for example, is an important channel for Banco Pichincha to enter deeper into the market and reach those who have no or limited access to finance. As part of this project, Banco Pichincha has installed Point-of-Sales (POS) in shops and kiosks.