De Geitenhoeve

Catégorie d'actifsDette privée
Stratégie d'impactAlimentation et agriculture durables
SecteurAgriculture bio
Hectares de terres agricoles biologiques20
Aligné aux ODD (Objectifs de développement durable)

Description disponible uniquement en anglais.

De Geitenhoeve is an organic dairy goat farm in the Dutch city of Tilburg owned by the Van der Bruggen family. De Geitenhoeve has been around since 1988 and has since grown from a company with 60 goats to a company with more than 600 goats. They still enjoy working on the farm with the Van der Bruggen family and taking care of their goats and lambs. In addition to keeping goats, the farm also has its own care branch to help people with addiction problems with their social recovery, the farm provides guided tours and has a small shop where all kinds of products based on goat's milk are sold.