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Glastonbury Festival's Worthy Farm
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Glastonbury Festival's Worthy Farm

Hernieuwbare energie (Milieu)

Worthy Farm is home to the world-famous Glastonbury Festival. It recently installed 1,100 solar panels, making it the UK’s largest privately owned solar electricity system.

The solar array - a collection of 1,112 interlinked photovoltaic panels - has been installed on the roof of the Mootel, the barn where the dairy farm's cows spend the festival period. While there's no guarantee of sunshine for the festival itself, the solar array promises to generate 160,000 kWh per year, the equivalent of the energy used by 40 homes. The barn was specially designed to take the extra weight of the panels, which cover 1,500 square metres and weigh around 22.5 tonnes.

Hernieuwbare energie

Voor onze energie zijn we momenteel in grote mate afhankelijk van fossiele brandstoffen. Die berokkenen grote schade aan het milieu en dragen bij tot de klimaatopwarming. Volgens Triodos Bank is er daarom een fundamentele overschakeling nodig naar groene, hernieuwbare energie. Om die overstap te stimuleren, financieren we de sector van de groene energie, en in het bijzonder windenergie, zonne-energie en energieproductie op basis van waterkracht.

Michael Eavis, Founder of Glastonbury Festival

Getuigenis van Michael Eavis, Founder of Glastonbury Festival

Because we share the same values, Triodos Bank was my first consideration for the loan and I am grateful it is able to help finance the scheme and invest in the potential of solar for future energy generation.

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